Let's Take Care of the Planet

From the 14th to the 16th of May 2012 the European Youth Conference, « Let‘s Take Care of the Planet », will take place at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. An event bringing together 80 young people from 14 different countries, who have decided to research,
debate and make a commitment to sustainable societies.

Where does the project originate from?
In June 2010, on the initiative of the Brazilian Education and Environment Ministers, 350 young delegates from 47 countries came together in Brasilia to participate in the first International Youth Conference for the Environment.
There they drew up an International Charter of their responsibilities in the face of socio-environmental changes, which they presented to the President of the European Council and the Secretary General of the Committee of the Regions in November 2010 in Brussels.
This was the starting point of the "Let's Take Care of the Planet" movement in Europe, that has also crossed over into numerous countries of the 5 continents. Læs mere på projektets hjemmeside

What if learning was about knowledge and also about doing, being, interacting with others and changing the world?

What if formal learning was enjoyable, hands-on and relevant to life outside school while addressing the problems of our world?

What if education systems prepared learners to become responsible citizens, recognize and solve local problems...

Then we would be educating for a more sustainable future

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